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Are you a Medicare member? Visit

Advance Primary Care Team: How-to Guide
Advance Primary Care Team: How-to Guide

Advance Primary Care Team: How-to Guide

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Start here to stay healthy. Some primary care practices have a whole team to help whenever you need it.

What you should know

Your primary care practice is your "home" in the healthcare system. In the past, it was just you and your doctor. Now, at many of our Advance Primary Care (APC) practices, you have an entire healthcare team—all under one roof. Blue Cross partners with RI’s top doctors to offer this higher level of care.

How to make the most of your care

  • Call your doctor first, even on nights and weekends.
    Many practices have extended hours or can help over the phone. However, if your doctor's office is closed and you need care right away, you have new choices.
  • See a nurse care manager for extra help.
    Need help with a health problem? Or creating a weight-loss or exercise plan? Your doctor will suggest that you meet with the nurse care manager—at no cost to you.
  • Meet with a pharmacist.
    During this visit, the pharmacist can help you understand your medications and suggest ways to lower your costs.
  • Take a health class.
    Your practice may offer free classes on diabetes, sleep, and other health issues.
  • Use your practice's online patient portal.
    View your medical records, see lab results, and contact your practice–from wherever you are.

Heading to the doctor? Our checklist includes everything you need to bring to your visit—and bring home.

Choose an Advanced Primary Care Practice

Many of Rhode Island’s largest groups of primary care doctors are now Advance Primary Care practices. Find convenient, high-quality care by choosing a doctor associated with one of these practices:

To find an APC practice near you, please call Customer Service at (401) 459-5000.