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Meet Chefs Jerry and Carmine From Our Healthy Eating Series

You’re going to love BCBSRI chefs Carmine Cozzolino and Jerry Pace. They both started out cooking with their grandmothers. Now they combine their family heritage with years of experience—including training at Johnson & Wales University, culinary schools in Italy, and Rhode Island restaurants—to cook healthy food and teach others how to do the same. Meet them in the Healthy Living series of free workshops at Your Blue Store. Sign up for a workshop today.

What inspired you to become a chef? 
Jerry: Food was the focal point of our day growing up. I enjoy making something and having people appreciate it. 
Carmine: I got it from my grandmother. We lived above her growing up. It makes you feel good that people are enjoying your food. 

Which part of our member workshops do you look forward to most? 
Jerry: When the light bulb goes off. You explain it, they see it wasn’t that hard, and that you can make it healthy and tasty. 
Carmine: I like to pass knowledge of food on to people. 

What’s the most important thing you want BCBSRI members to take away from these workshops? 
Jerry: It can be easy to make healthy meals at home. 
Carmine: Healthy eating can be delicious. 

Tell us about your favorite healthy recipe that doesn’t taste like a healthy recipe. 
Jerry: Arroz con pollo or chicken with rice. 
Carmine: Chicken lettuce wraps with cashews. 

Finish this sentence: “Food is __________.” 
Jerry: Food is life! 
Carmine: Food is comfort!