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Relax with a Free Meditation Class

“Oh my goodness, you’re in for a treat!”

Carolyn Blackett, a BCBSRI member, encourages everyone to try the meditation classes at the Your Blue StoreSM locations, which she learned about through The Rhode Ahead. 

“It will help you have a sense of well-being,” she says. “When the class is over, you can feel an openness and a connection. Everybody is just calm and nice, and that keeps with you through the day.”

The classes at Your Blue Store are taught by Suann Polverari, who also has a wellness center in Pawtucket where she teaches yoga and meditation. She started teaching after discovering the benefits of meditation in her own life. Besides explaining meditation’s many benefits—such as stress management—she makes it accessible even to beginners.

“There is no right or wrong way to meditate,” she says, “but many people think they are doing it wrong."

“Even if you’ve never meditated before, if you just sit and breathe, you will experience a deep sense of relaxation,” she explains.

Suann starts each class with a discussion. Then she might have members focus on a color or a sound before moving into breathing exercises and finally into meditation. She finishes with a group discussion about members’ experiences.

Scientific studies are showing that meditation might help reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure, among many other benefits. (For more information, check out a National Institutes of Health page titled “Meditation: In Depth.”) 

Suann often leads the class through a type of meditation called yoga nidra. “At Your Blue Store, they love it, they absolutely love it,” she says.

“There is no energy that students have to put forth,” she explains. “They’re just lying down and just listening to my voice” as she guides them to focus on different parts of their body.

Carolyn, who recently retired, had done yoga before she started the meditation classes. “When you do yoga, meditation comes into play,” she says and that helped her with her work. “My jobs were stressful, and as I did my classes, I found it reduced anxiety and lowered my stress levels."

“Everything about meditation is so beneficial,” she says, “and anyone can do it.” 

Ready to sign meditation a try? Sign up for a class.