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Are you a Medicare member? Visit

Are you a Medicare member? Visit

Bringing You Bliss

Members have placed their trust in BCBSRI for decades, and for our 80th birthday, we are highlighting a customer that has been with us for almost our entire history.

A family-owned business, Bliss Properties manages real estate across the state, including Warwick Mall and The Bellevue Gardens Shopping Center. We talked with Lisa Garabedian Regan, Vice President and member of the Ownership Team.

When did Bliss Properties become a BCBSRI customer?
In 1940! My grandfather Lloyd Bliss chose the plan, so we’ve been with Blue Cross for generations. It makes me feel a little nostalgic—closer to history.

What matters most to you in choosing a health plan?
I want to get the best available health plan for my employees, and that’s why we’ve stayed with Blue Cross. It’s a not-for-profit company, and that means a lot to me. And as a Rhode Island company, it’s important to us to do business with other local companies. Service is always better local.

Have your employees shared how they feel about their plan?
We have employees who’ve worked for us for 10, 20, 30 years, and one of the top reasons is their Blue Cross plan. I’d say it’s the second most important reason. The first—I hope—is that they like us!

What has your personal experience been as a BCBSRI member?
I have multiple sclerosis, and a few years ago, I wanted to go on a new medication that had just been approved by the FDA. Not all plans would’ve paid for it, but Blue Cross did, and I’m doing much better. I’m so grateful for that.