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Are you a Medicare member? Visit

Are you a Medicare member? Visit

A Checklist for Better Health

Want to get organized for better health? Make it easy with our checklist! You'll discover helpful tools and programs available through your BCBSRI health plan.

Schedule a no-cost wellness visit.

Why: This visit helps you keep your health on the right track. Plus, it’s important that your doctor knows you and your medical history before you have to visit when you’re sick.

How: Just call your doctor. Don’t have one? Consider a patient-centered medical home, which may offer extended hours, classes, and no-cost visits with a nurse and pharmacist. To find a patient-centered medical home near you, call Customer Service at (401) 459-5000.

Cost: $0. It’s covered at 100% as part of your health plan when you see an in-network doctor.

Address ongoing health issues.

Why: If diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems are not under control, they can lead to complications and even hospital stays.

How: Talk to your doctor about what you can do to best manage your health.

Cost: Depends on the care you need. You can work with a nurse at no cost at your patient-centered medical home. If you don’t belong to a patient-centered medical home, you can work with a BCBSRI Care Coordinator at no cost by visiting a Your Blue Store location or contacting us at 1-844-563-0892 or

Have preventive cancer screenings.

Why: These screenings can find diseases in earlier, more treatable stages and, in some cases, even help prevent them. Depending on your age, gender, and family history, this could include screenings for colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer.

How: Ask your doctor (at your health check!) what screenings and tests you should receive.

Cost: Often $0 when you see a doctor in-network. Ask your doctor if the screening is covered at no cost under your plan.

Get your teeth cleaned.

Why: If your teeth aren’t cleaned regularly, plaque and tartar can build up and lead to cavities, gum disease, or tooth loss. Gum disease may also worsen health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

How: Call your dentist for a cleaning. If you don’t have a dental plan, visit or call 1-855-690-2583.

Cost: $0 at in-network dentists if you have BCBSRI dental coverage, under most plans.

Exercise for 30 minutes most days of the week.

Why: So many reasons! Exercise lowers your risk for heart disease, stroke, some cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and much more. It also improves sleep and strengthens your bones.

How: Go for a walk or hike, dance, lift weights, do yoga, run, whatever gets your body moving.

Cost: $0 for many activities you can do at home or when you sign up for fitness classes at Your Blue Store.

Achieve a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Why: Your BMI uses your height and weight to determine your percentage of total body fat. Having a higher BMI puts you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and other health problems.

How: Start by finding out your BMI. Ask your doctor or use this online calculator.

Cost: Starts at $0. If your BMI is above normal, work with your doctor on a weight-loss plan. If you belong to a patient-centered medical home, you may be able to work with a nurse at no cost to develop a healthy eating plan. Your BCBSRI plan may also cover visits with a nutritionist.

Have an eye exam.

Why: Your eye doctor will check for changes in your eyesight and for problems that could result in vision loss. A routine exam can also find signs of diabetes and high cholesterol.

How: Ask your primary care doctor how often you need to see an eye doctor. Here are some general guidelines for healthy people: ages 20-39, every five to 10 years; ages 40-65, every two to four years; ages 65+, every one to two years. Go more often if you have glasses or contacts or if you or a family member has eye disease.

Cost: The cost varies depending on your plan. If you wear glasses or contacts, ask your employer about offering Blue Cross Vision. 

Take a health assessment.

Why: In less than 10 minutes, you’ll receive a Wellness Score and a comprehensive report that rates your health and offers suggestions (and BCBSRI resources) to help you improve your health.

How: Log in to and click on “Wellness Portal with Health Assessment,” then follow the instructions. You’ll need to create a profile if you’ve never visited the Wellness Portal.

Cost: $0, and some BCBSRI plans even offer wellness incentives for members who complete it. 

Don’t forget your mental health.

Your mind is just as important as your body. Too many people with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, or addiction to alcohol or drugs, suffer without receiving needed care. But treatment can make a tremendous difference in your health. BCBSRI offers comprehensive coverage for mental health and substance abuse issues. If you or a loved one needs help, talk to your doctor or call the mental health and substance abuse professionals at our 24-hour Help Line: 1-800-274-2958.

Take a free class.

At Your Blue StoreSM locations in East Providence, Lincoln, and Warwick, BCBSRI members can take free classes—and many of them will help with your checklist!

Our class schedule varies based on the store location and time of year, but here are some current offerings:

  • Fitness classes, including yoga and Zumba
  • Nutrition
  • Managing your weight
  • And educational events!

Sign up for a class online.