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Are you a Medicare member? Visit

Are you a Medicare member? Visit

How a Care Coordinator Works for You

Do you need help with a serious illness or health problem such as diabetes? Our Care Coordinators are here for you. These healthcare professionals work with you over the phone or in a Your Blue Store location, helping you follow your doctor’s plan of care. We'd like you to introduce you to a Care Coordinator who helps our members with diabetes live better.

Name: Roslyn Grant
Background: Diabetes educator and dietitian
Years with Blue Cross: 13
Languages spoken: English and Spanish

How she helps members: I start by listening to what the member needs. From there, we set goals. I may help them create an eating plan that works for their lifestyle or figure out how to fit exercise into their busy schedule. I also make sure that they’re getting important diabetes screenings.

What she enjoys most about her job: I love being part of a team that works with members and their doctors to achieve member health goals. I connect members to Blue Cross nurses who can explain medications. If a member has questions about benefits, I put them in touch with Customer Service.

Success stories: It’s so wonderful to see people feeling better. I’ve worked with members who’ve significantly lowered their blood sugar levels, started exercising regularly, and lost weight. They're making changes that really improve their lives.

Think you may benefit from working with a Care Coordinator?

Talk to your primary care doctor about the program. The doctor's office may have a nurse care manager right in the office who can help, or your doctor can work with the BCBSRI Care Coordinator. You pay nothing extra for nurse care manager visits or for Care Coordination. It’s all part of your BCBSRI health plan! For more information on Care Coordination, please call 1-844-563-0892 or email