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Tests: How-to Guide

Higher costs don’t always mean higher quality. Get price estimates for labs and tests.

What you should know

Doctors often order blood tests, X-rays, and other tests, but do you really know why you need them? Your primary care team can explain the reasons for each test.

How to make the most of your care

  • Ask if the test is needed.
    Nearly three out of four U.S. doctors believe that unnecessary medical tests are a serious problem.* Your primary care team can help determine which ones you really need.
  • Find out how much the test will cost.
    You can get price estimates by using My Cost Calculator. Simply log in to your member account to use the tool.
  • Have the test done outside a hospital.
    Hospitals can provide many tests, but at a much higher cost than other locations. Save money by using a standalone lab.
  • Take advantage of no-cost cancer screenings.
    These tests can save your life. Find out which ones you need.

*2014 survey by the AIBM Foundation, a nonprofit advancing medical professionalism to improve the healthcare system