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Not a Medicare member? Visit

90 & Not Slowing Down

Joe Giordano finds something he likes and stays with it.

He’s been a barber for 72 years and still works one day a week. In his 37 years of playing softball, he’s only missed one practice. And he’s had BCBSRI coverage for nearly all of his 90 years.

“My father got Blue Cross coverage for our family when it came out in 1939,” said Joe.

“When I got married in 1955, I picked Blue Cross, and I’ve had good experiences from day one. When I first got the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan, I bragged about it to my customers, and all of them switched!”

Joe helped found the age 50+ softball league he plays in, and the team he manages is sponsored by BCBSRI. “I still play second base sometimes,” said Joe. “I look forward to Sunday mornings like a little kid.”