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Not a Medicare member? Visit

Not a Medicare member? Visit

Have You Heard About Oak Street Health?

Rebuilding healthcare the way it should be. That’s what Oak Street Health has set out to do. A network of primary care practices for adults on Medicare, Oak Street Health recently opened three locations in Providence and Warwick—in collaboration with BCBSRI.

Dr. Griffin Myers, Oak Street Health’s Chief Medical Officer, says, “We’re focused on keeping people healthy, happy, and out of the hospital by providing well care, not sick care.”

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A dedicated care team under one roof
    Depending on your needs, Dr. Myers said your care team might include a doctor, nurse, medical assistant, care manager, and a mental health professional. A scribe even takes notes so your doctor can focus on you!
  • Rides to appointments
    You don’t have to worry about how to get to your appointment anymore. Oak Street staff will pick up and drop off qualified patients.
  • Longer appointments
    Ever feel like you don’t have enough time at your doctor’s visit? Dr. Myers said, “On average, Oak Street providers spend twice as much time with patients as typical primary care providers.”
  • Care outside the office
    “If we can take care of you over the phone or by visiting your home, that can be just as effective as a visit to our center,” said Dr. Myers. “And if you need care after hours, you can talk with a provider 24 hours a day.

Oak Street Health: 3 locations 

  • 300 Quaker Lane, Warwick
  • 712 Broad Street, Providence 
  • 650 Branch Avenue, Providence