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Make These Your Best Years

Patricia Raskin feels great about getting older. A nationally recognized radio talk show host, producer, and author who lives in East Greenwich, Patricia promotes the benefits of positive living. 

“In our culture, older adults are seen as ill or as always needing help, rather than looking for new careers or new relationships,” Patricia says. “But these really can be your best years.” 

After starting out in education, she became involved in radio and TV broadcasting. Patricia became an entrepreneur in her sixties, starting Raskin Resources Productions, Inc. to create and market her radio programs. Now, at 70, she has no plans to slow down.

On The Patricia Raskin Show, she has interviewed thousands of guests, including Maya Angelou, Joan Lunden, and Jane Seymour. To help you find your next path, Patricia offers these tips: 

  • Know your why. 
    Identify your passion, which will lead to your purpose. Ask yourself, “What brings me meaning and joy and why?” Then do as much of it as you can. 
  • Explore your options. 
    Find new things you enjoy or try a variation of what you know. It could be traveling, playing a sport, volunteering, learning a new language, or turning your hobby into a new business. 
  • Find strength in numbers. 
    Having a network of good people who are positive and active can enhance your life and may also help keep you healthy. 
  • Be wise with wellness
    The formula is simple: keep moving, eat whole unprocessed foods, get enough sleep, and keep your attitude positive. The trick is to stay with it.