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Not a Medicare member? Visit

Not a Medicare member? Visit

Yes, Your Health Plan Includes Karaoke

And not just karaoke. It also includes other game nights (trivia, charades, name that song). Plus, you can join live, guided discussions on traveling, writing your memoirs, and aging independently, to name a few. It’s called Amava Circles and it’s all online—and available at no cost. 

Find out why Sheila, a Medicare Advantage member, likes Circles so much.

Why she tried Circles: It’s a great way to connect with other people. I’ll definitely continue with them even now that things have opened up. I don’t live near my family or really go out a lot, and there are a lot of interesting topics to choose from with Circles. 

How many Circles she’s attended: About 7 so far, and I’ve signed up for more. I’ve seen some of the same people in different ones.

Some of her favorite Circles: Trivia was very fun. I went to the Circle called “Let’s Talk Travel” and talked about Greece, which I visited in 1972 when I was a student. I’ve also taken some more serious ones on healthy eating and solo aging that were helpful.

What song she sang during the karaoke Circle: “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt. I’m a lousy singer but it was fun. I was much better at the Charades Circle!

What the online experience was like: It was easy to use even for people who aren’t tech savvy. It’s like a Zoom meeting. The facilitators are wonderful and can help if you need it.

Interested in joining an Amava Circle?

Below are some of the most popular sessions. Explore the full list of Circles.

Examples of Amava Circles

  • Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Designing Your Next: Plan Your Best Life (multi-week series)
  • Let’s Talk Travel (different Circles for different travel themes)
  • Game Nights – Name That Song, Trivia, Charades, and Karaoke
  • Self-Care for Caregivers
  • Find Your Fit in Volunteering
  • Writing Memoirs and Family Archiving
  • Writing Legacy Letters
  • Life Story Club: Oral Storytelling
  • Aging Independently

Volunteer opportunities 
Amava can also connect you to local and national virtual and in-person opportunities, such as:

  • Potter League for Animals – Make Blankets for Fur Babies
  • Providence Animal Rescue League – Bag Food to Help Pets
  • Operation Stand Down RI – Start a Fundraiser to Help Local Veterans
  • West Place Animal Sanctuary – Be a Green Thumb for a Great Cause
  • Mentor Rhode Island – Become a Mentor

You can learn more in the Circle called Find Your Fit in Volunteering in Rhode Island.

Sign up today* for a Circle or volunteer opportunity at

*BCBSRI does not share member information with Amava and information shared with Amava will not be shared with BCBSRI.