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Not a Medicare member? Visit

Not a Medicare member? Visit

3 Surprising Reasons to Visit Your Blue Store

Maybe you’ve heard that BCBSRI opened stores in Rhode Island over the last few years. Maybe you’ve even driven by and seen the store in East Providence, Lincoln, or Warwick. But do you know what you can do there? 

A Poem About Our Store (and We Couldn’t Love it More!)

Robert Fish, a 90-year-old BlueCHiP for Medicare member, wrote to us about his experience at Your Blue StoreSM in Warwick.

Feel Great and Save Money: Your 2019 Checklist

Want to get the most health from your health plan? Make it easy with our checklist! It’ll help you take advantage of the many great benefits and perks available—many at low or no cost—through your BlueCHiP for Medicare plan.

Get Fit for Less

Staying active can help prevent or reduce your risk for many health issues, including heart disease, depression, dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. And with your BlueCHiP for Medicare plan, you can get fit at a low cost—or no cost! Try one or more of these programs.

13 Perks of Your Plan

With your plan, you get more than medical coverage! Take advantage of these perks of being a BlueCHiP for Medicare member.

Do You Need Help Managing Your Health?

While traveling a few years ago, Donna Sams ended up in the hospital. After having issues with her care, she called BCBSRI. She was put in touch with Anna Seelig, a BCBSRI Care Coordinator.

3 No-Cost Ways Your Plan Helps You Stay Healthy

Take advantage of these perks of your plan!

Relax with a Free Meditation Class

“Oh my goodness, you’re in for a treat!” Carolyn Blackett, a BCBSRI member, encourages everyone to try the meditation classes at the Your Blue StoreSM locations, which she learned about through The Rhode Ahead. 

How Our Nurses Can Help

You’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as diabetes or heart disease. You met with your doctor, googled your condition, and still have a lot of questions. What's your next step?

Getting Fit (for Free) at Your Blue Store

Marvin Hall Age: 68Class: Yoga