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Are you a Medicare member? Visit

Are you a Medicare member? Visit

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Member-Only Discounts on Healthy Living

Want to try online fitness classes? Buy a fitness tracker? Get some new sneakers?

Everybody Wins With Our Wellness App

Justin Jay tapped his watch to check his steps. Dressed in a company T-shirt and sweats, it’s easy to see why AmWINS chose him to lead the company’s wellness committee.

How Steven Made Time for Fitness

Steven White couldn’t find an exercise routine that worked.

Pain Relief for Your Knees and Hips

Our knees and hips work hard every day, carrying us out of bed, up and down stairs, through thousands of steps at home and work. 

5 Benefits of Yoga

Discover the many benefits of yoga, from losing weight to reducing stress. Plus, try a free class at our Warwick store!

Swap Out Sugary Drinks

Hot and thirsty? .Protect your teeth (and your heart) with these drink swaps.

4 Diet Myths

Weight loss can only be achieved in one simple way: burn more calories than you take in. Despite that fact, many still claim to have the “secret” to shedding those extra pounds. Myth 1 Always choose low-fat or no-fat products.