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10 Insurance Terms You Should Know

Health insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. We’ll help you decipher the insurance words you see most often.

Do you know what coinsurance is? Out-of-pocket maximum?

Get the quick explanations 


How to Choose a Plan

Health insurance can seem confusing, so we break it down into the basics. That makes is easier to choose the right health plan for you and your family.

What are the four things you should consider?

Learn how to choose a plan 


How Wellness Works

You’ve probably heard about wellness programs. You may have a vague idea of what they do. Maybe you even signed up for a program but never used it.

Do you know how wellness programs can really help you live a healthier life?

See what wellness can do for you 


Right Care, Right Time, Right Place

Right Care, Right Time, Right Place

The right medical attention, at the right time, in the right location can help keep you healthy and help you spend less.

But where do you start and how do you get the most out of your healthcare dollar?

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Unboxing HSAs

If you've been looking at health plans, you may have noticed some that qualify for a health savings account, also known as an HSA.

But what is an HSA? What are the advantages? And what can you use HSA money for?

Watch this video to find out 


The Value of Your Plan

You know that health insurance will bring you peace of mind. But you also get lots of other benefits and perks.

Are you getting the most health out of your health plan?

This video can help