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GG Mason: Finding an Activity You Love

Take 5 for You

Five minutes can make a big difference.

Olympic gold medalist GG Mason found her passion in bowling—and offers suggestions to help kids and teens (and adults too!) find an activity that brings them joy. Watch her video and try these tips:

Be open to new experiences.
GG tried a number of different activities before she became interested in bowling. You might want to consider activities that aren’t as common, whether that’s pickleball, pottery, roller skating, or birdwatching.

Know that becoming skilled will take time.
When GG started bowling at age 12, she had some last-place finishes that motivated her to keep practicing. It takes a lot of practice to get good at any activity. But when it’s something you really care about, it’s worth putting in the time and effort. 

Understand that there might be obstacles. 
Whether it is teasing from peers, lack of resources, or time challenges, there may be things that stand in your way. Be creative and seek help from family, friends, and organizations related to your activity.

Encourage others in their passions.
Whether you’ve found an activity you really care about or are still exploring, support your family and friends as they do the same. You can even mentor others through your school or local organizations. 

In 2021, GG and her parents created her own foundation to help create opportunities for bowling athletes, especially inner-city kids who may lack the resources and access that prevent them from moving forward in their bowling careers. Check out her foundation.