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Donna Convey, Fitness Challenge Champ

Donna, BCBSRI Medicare Advantage member

Last September, Donna won a grand prize in the BCBSRI Steppin’ Out: Fitness Challenge. She shares her experience with the challenge and with her BCBSRI Medicare Advantage plan.

How she participated in the challenge:
“I posted my activities on the Your Blue Store Studio Facebook page—whether I went for a walk, rode the exercise bike at the Lincoln Senior Center, or went to a BCBSRI exercise class.”

What she won: 
“I won one of the weekly raffles—a $25 gift card for Dave’s Marketplace—and then I also won a grand prize at the end—a $100 gift card for Dave’s Marketplace!”

Where she used to get her steps: 
“From age 18 to 62, I waitressed. When I worked, I walked three to five miles a day!”

One of her favorite benefits: 
“I really like the OTC benefit. I go to Walgreens and get vitamins, Tylenol, hydrocortisone, different things like that. I combine my OTC benefit with coupons.”

Her favorite fitness class moment: 
“There are a lot of nice people in the Your Blue Store classes—even some you already know! One day I ran into a friend I’ve known for 42 years but hadn’t seen her in a long time. I hugged her and then later we went to her house to catch up.”