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4 Tips to Help You Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs

Animation of person riding a rollercoaster
Take 5 for You

Five minutes can make a big difference.

If life feels like a rollercoaster, these tips can help you cope:

1. Change your perspective.

  • Acknowledge the difficulties but remember that they will pass. 
  • Think about another time you overcame a setback. Trust that you can do it again.

2. Stay connected.

  • Share your struggles with someone you trust. 
  • Reach out to one person each day. It can help you (and them) feel less alone.
  • Connect with people over your favorite hobby or pastime.

3. Practice gratitude.

  • Find something—every day—that you are grateful for, no matter how small or simple. 
  • Start a journal, meditate, or do yoga.

4. Look for meaning.

  • Be proud of how you’ve grown through your struggles. 
  • Volunteer your time. It can give you a sense of purpose and foster connections with others.