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Work It Out(side)

Work It Out(side)

Living in the Ocean State, we’re lucky to have such a variety of outdoor recreation and fitness opportunities right in our backyard.

So take your workout outdoors and enjoy everything our beautiful state has to offer. (And don’t forget safety—use sunscreen, stay hydrated, and wear a helmet while biking!)

  • Bicycling – Rhode Island is home to a wide network of bicycle paths, with more than 60 miles of off-road cycling across the state. For a list of paths, maps, safety tips, and more, visit the RI Department of Transportation
  • Hiking – Venture off the beaten path and explore one of the state’s many hiking trails
  • Kayaking – Get a different perspective of Rhode Island’s waterways and a great workout at the same time. Learn more at the Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association.
  • Swimming – Our state parks and beaches offer an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the water. Find freshwater beaches and saltwater beaches.
  • Golfing – Hit the links! Golf offers many fitness benefits, such as cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility. Our small state is packed with many big-time courses, which you can explore from the PGA site.

Live outside of RI?

Take advantage of national resources to find great outdoor activities in your own backyard!

  • Bicycling and hiking

    Try to find biking/hiking paths in your state. You can read trail reviews and view maps. (Viewing maps requires a free registration.)

  • Kayaking and swimming

    Find state parks near you with swimming, paddling, and other water activities.

  • Golfing

    On the Golf Digest website, you can search for courses in your area.