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Take 5 to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy

Mom and child at table

Looking for ways to protect your kids’ well-being? 

Try taking 5 minutes every day to check in with your kids about their physical and mental health. It’s part of Take 5 for You, a BCBSRI well-being program about spending 5 minutes doing something good for yourself and your family. 

These tips can help you make the most of your check-ins:

  • Ask your kids how they’re doing.
    We talk with our kids all the time, but often it’s about things like what they want for dinner and who needs to be picked up when. In your 5-minute check-in, focus on the things that most affect their health: getting enough sleep, being active every day, getting outside, and limiting the amount of time spent on screens.
  • Vary the topics. 
    One day you might want to ask how they slept the night before and see what you can do to help them get more rest if needed. Many kids aren’t getting enough sleep, especially teens. You could help them figure out how to get their homework done earlier or how to cut down on screen time. Another day you might figure out ways that they can be active—whether that’s playing in the yard or making plans for a post-dinner dance party. 
  • Walk and talk.
    Getting outside every day can be just as important for our mental health as our physical health. It can also help kids be more open to talking. 
  • Eat dinner together.
    Family dinners are valuable in keeping the whole family connected. These check-ins could be part of the conversation your family has around the table. They don’t have to be formal at all—just a reminder to see how your child is doing and how you can help.

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