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Know What Makes You Happy 

Gratitude animation
Take 5 for You

Five minutes can make a big difference.

Take a few minutes to think about what you’re grateful for. Your family? Your health? The project you finished? Practicing gratitude can help you reduce stress and feel better. 

These ideas can help you get started:

  • Start a gratitude journal. 
    Take a few minutes to write down people, places, objects, memories, or events you’re grateful for. You can do it every day or every week.
  • Share your gratitude with others.
    Think of someone who did or said something that changed your life for the better. Tell them you’re grateful for what they did—in an email, letter, phone call, or text. 
  • Do a favor for someone you’re grateful for.
    Leave a meal, a plant, or a card on their doorstep. Also, consider volunteering for an organization or activity where you can help others.